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Happy New Year

Posted by author on 1/12/2015 4:05:59 PM

A new year brings new happenings in the world of this science fiction author. After taking a little time off for the holidays, I'm back to writing and promoting Beyond Cloud Nine.

First, if you haven't signed up already, please take a quick moment to subscribe to the New Releases & Deals Mailing List. This will be the first method of contact I use when the sequel becomes available.

Speaking of the highly-anticipated sequel to BC9, I've written about a third of the first draft of Beyond the Horizon. In chapters 11 & 12, mankind's first interstellar mission faces a major predicament while the situation back home is anything but stable.

In BTH, Maya is all grown up and Brooke is a bit older. The two ladies take turns as dual protagonists, similar to Brooke and Marie in book one except that Maya's role will continue to grow larger as the series progresses. That's all I'll say for now.

My tentative timeline is to finish the rough draft of BTH by summer 2015. After collecting as much feedback as possible from my writer's group & other sources, I'll finish draft two by late summer/early fall. Then I hope to go through the same process with my editor and proofreader, have the designers whip up another amazing cover, and have BTH ready for reviewers in late 2015. Three months after that in early 2016, the novel will be published. Man, I wish I were a faster writer.

Also, I continue to outline and enhance Destalis. I've rewritten the first quarter of the novel and greatly streamlined it, yet it's still not quite where I want it to be. Someday, I'll finish and publish this novel, and it'll perhaps be my greatest work. But for now, it remains a work in progress.

As for Beyond Cloud Nine, sales have dropped off a little bit now that the new release honeymoon period is over but interest still remains reasonably strong each day. The book has garnered over 4 stars (out of 5) on both Amazon and Goodreads, so I know I've written a solid story. Reviewers have had some great things to say and provided solid constructive criticism that I plan to take into account as I move forward. In the near future, I'll be running some $0.99 and free deals on the novel, so stay tuned.

Happy reading!