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Get to know each of the main characters on this page.

Brooke Davis, the main character in science fiction novel Beyond Cloud Nine

Brooke Davis

This half-American, half-Japanese twenty four year old star fighter pilot dreams of becoming the first person to fly faster than light.

Enhanced cognition and reflexes resulting from a rare genetic disorder give her nearly unparalleled skills in the cockpit. Her addiction to illegal, reflex-enhancing sparks also improves her prowess at the expense of her health.

Brooke's father fostered her love of flying when he took his ten year old daughter soaring above the Rockies in his beloved ion flyer. Guilt from the belief that Brooke killed her father drives her to push herself to the limit. And that guilt, along with her disorder, feeds her tendency to shy away from people.

Brooke rarely smiles or laughs and is easily identified by her violet ocular implants and lavender-streaked black hair.

Marie Davis

Despite working for a small-time Chicago news feed, this savvy reporter sets her sights on the biggest stories in the solar system. Marie is Brooke's twin sister and polar opposite. Marie's wit, instincts, and gall make her an outstanding journalist.

Maya Davis, bright toddler in Beyond Cloud Nine and main protagonist in Beyond the Horizon

Maya Davis

This bright toddler is Marie's daughter and Brooke's niece.

Caring for Maya helps Brooke to lighten up, which aids her later on in the story.

Maya grows up and embarks on humankind's first voyage beyond the Solar System in Beyond the Horizon, the sequel to Beyond Cloud Nine.

Edward Collins

The cunning and driven President of the U.N. Security Council serves as commander-in-chief of humanity's armed forces. After infiltrating the Artemis Water Treatment Plant on Europa, Brooke learns that Collins has an agenda that far exceeds the purview of his station.

Kevin Sommerfield

When CERN Professor Kevin Sommerfield announces that manned faster-than-light (FTL) space travel has become a reality, the media quickly labels him a twenty-third-century Einstein. Kevin, of course, rebukes the title. The humble professor chose to become a scientist to avoid social interaction.

Danuwa Ajunwa

Ajunwa is the powerful and well-respected U.N. Secretary-General, leader of the greater part of the human race... unless, of course, the separatists have their way. Her deep Nigerian voice tends to intimidate people.


This near-sentient artificial intelligence matrix is integrated into Brooke's star fighter. Bob aids her in gathering intelligence, assessing tactical situations, and executing precision maneuvers. As Bob gains more experience, he progresses beyond the limitations of his programming.