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Click on one of the below links to learn more about different aspects of the novel. Please note that this section is entirely for fun and for hardcore fans. This isn't required reading. You don't need to know any of this to understand the book (everything should be fairly obvious through context). I welcome feedback or corrections if I've mistated something.

Learn about the plot and story for science fiction novel Beyond Cloud Nine


Get to know the main protagonists and antagonists on the characters page.

Starthroat, star fighter plane from the science fiction novel Beyond Cloud Nine


Learn about the vehicles, futuristic gadgets, and other cool tech on the technology page. The author has done his best to create things that are scientifically possible in our real future.

The planet Jupiter, one of the main settings within the science fiction novel Beyond Cloud Nine


Find out about the colonies, moons, planets, and other locations found in the novel on the world page. The characteristics of each environment should be consistent with the best-known scientific knowledge at the time of the novel's writing.

Fruity Planets, the breakfast of champions in the science fiction novel Beyond Cloud Nine


Other terms that don't fit into any of the first three categories are found on the terminology page.